Somato publications provide reprints for the published articles to promote their work at different events, conferences and promotional activities. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the article once we get approval from author.

Reprints are available in the following forms

Hard Copy : We provide high quality reprints which includes cover page along with logo and Journal Name on all the pages.

Electronic Copy : We provide electronic copy of the article in PDF format with print enabled. This will allow users to print the article for further use.

Author Reprints consists:

  • Journal Cover Page
  • Journal Logo
  • Copyright
  • Article Citation
Number Of Prints Reprints Cost
100 $300
300 $500
500 $700

Terms and Conditions

  • Article reprints are shipped via Federal Express Standard Service (FEDEX).
  • Requester should provide valid shipping address for reprints.
  • Reprints will be delivered to the corresponding address within 15 business days of order.
  • Reprints cannot be returned once it is acknowledged

For queries, please contact us at [email protected]